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Associate Pastor Call

As you may have heard, a Call Committee has been established to begin the process of adding another pastor to our Divine Redeemer staff.  Your Call Committee is composed of ten members of our congregation:  Brian Kramer (Chairman); Trina Jashinsky; Michelle Johnson; Carson Cantwell; Susan Laabs; Gary Peppel; Mike Oldenburg; Pastor Wenzelburger; and Pastor Schubert.

    The preliminary meetings have dealt with the Lutheran Doctrine of the Call; the Call process itself; the proposed position description and specialty areas of the new associate pastor; and the administrative details surrounding our interaction with the South Wisconsin District Office and the protocol within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  Your Board of Directors has approved the position description, the Call Committee, and the process.

    In addition to the expected “general duties” of a Lutheran pastor, our new associate pastor will have the following specialty areas in his position description:

    ►Pastoral emphasis on congregational “discipleship,” through a variety of approaches, including, but not limited to small group/cell group ministry; Bible studies; assimilation and involvement of new, current, and lapsed members via spiritual gift discovery, thereby leading the entire congregation to increasingly deeper levels of Christian discipleship.

    ►Increased pastoral emphasis on “total life stewardship” of time, talent, and treasure throughout the year by means of a variety of initiatives.

    The South Wisconsin District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has requested that we complete a congregational self-study, which is nearly complete at the time of this writing.  Following submitting that to the District Office, and our formal request for names, we will then be provided a Call List from President John Wille for our Call Committee to review.

    As a member of Divine Redeemer, you are also able to submit names of candidates whom you believe to be good matches for the stated emphases of discipleship and stewardship.  You can get a nomination form and a position description from our website or by contacting the church office.

    The Call Committee will then study the candidates, ultimately moving toward telephone interviews, and with the finalist(s), a personal visit/interview as well.

    Once the slate is finalized, the congregation will be notified of a special voters’ meeting (Call meeting) at which time the Divine Call will be extended by our congregation to the man the Lord has already selected for us.

    This addition of another Associate Pastor means that our pastoral team would consist of Pastor Wenzelburger; Pastor Eb Klatt (part-time); our new associate (to be called); and me, your Executive Pastor.

    Please keep our Call Committee, the Call process, and the candidates in your personal prayers as we seek the Lord’s direction in this important matter for our church and school.

    We are excited as Divine Redeemer takes yet another bold step forward in pursuing our three fold goals of increased outreach, stewardship, and assimilation (involvement of our members).


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