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Funeral Information



31385 W. Hill Road, Hartland, WI 53029

262-367-8400       Fax: 262-367-9410


The staff of Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church & School are here for you in this time of mourning. As such, we will be responsible for creating and arranging the remainder of the service. Services will be finalized 3 business days before the funeral service. If requested information is not provided to Divine Redeemer by this time, the Divine Redeemer Pastor will choose readings and hymns on behalf of the family in order to print bulletins and notify appropriate participants for the sake of an orderly and respectful worship service. Although suggestions are welcomed in the service, a Divine Redeemer Pastor will ultimately be responsible for the content of the service.


Worship services at Divine Redeemer are entirely focused on Christ’s work. Each reading, hymn, and prayer is pointed toward the Jesus who worked to save this world as a whole and the decedent individually. He worked to ensure that baptism is a Gospel comfort. He worked to deliver forgiveness of sins daily to the person struggling through life. As such His work is solely highlighted during a worship service. “Eulogy” literally means “good words” – particularly about the person who has passed away. When a family or visitor worships at Divine Redeemer there can be no confusion where our focus should be: on Jesus, the Author of the faith which delivers believers from the power of death; as such, no eulogies occur during worship services at Divine Redeemer.

However, eulogies are a great opportunity as the family grieves together in their home. Additionally, the eulogy has a far more impactful use as the family meets together for meals before or after the services. Using a eulogy in this way allows the family to process the grief in an unhurried and natural way. But take heart, even though we grieve, we grieve with the hope of the resurrection firmly promised as St. Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14: But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.


  1. Funerals will be added to the church calendar upon consultation with one of the pastors.
  2. Families of Divine Redeemer have the freedom to choose the pastor they wish to conduct their funeral. If there is not a specific request, the assignment will be made by the Senior Pastor in consultation with the pastoral staff.
  3. Clergy of other Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod churches may participate in funerals at Divine Redeemer with the approval of the pastor(s).
  4. Non-member funerals will not be performed at Divine Redeemer unless approved by the Committee of Lay Eldership.
  5. As a general rule, our church facilities will not be available for funerals not conducted by our pastors.


1.   All music for any funeral service is to be approved by the Director of Music. Music which is consistent with Christian teachings may be used. If the music requested for the service does not meet the church’s standards, alternative selections are to be made.

2.   The Director of Music from Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church, Heidi Graf, shall be the organist for all funerals unless she is unavailable or if there is a significant reason why any other organist should play. Approval by Heidi Graf is necessary before a guest musician may be used.

3.   It is the responsibility of the family to contact our Director of Music, Heidi Graf, at church at 262-367-8400, ext. 101 or on her cell at 414-380-1886 to establish a meeting time with her to discuss music for the service.



1.  Alcohol: The use of alcohol on church property by the funeral party prior to the service or following the service is prohibited. The same is true for family members or guests.

2.   Smoking is prohibited in the facility.

3.   Bulletins: Gail Arnold, the Administrative Assistant, will assist with the typing of bulletin, layout, printing, folding and assembling if requested.


  1. The funeral coordinator opens the building two to three hours before the funeral at an agreed upon time.
  2. The funeral coordinator acts as a liaison to the funeral directors, florists and family members.
  3. The funeral coordinator lights candles, operates the sound system, cleans up the sanctuary, entrances, restrooms and attends to facility needs.
  4. The funeral coordinator is on site 4-6 hours and is responsible to lock up the church after everyone has left. Please honor her time.


            Service                                                              Fee

            Organist                                                            $175.00 (Base Fee)

                                                                                       $50.00 (Rehearsals with soloists and/or other musicians.)           

Funeral Coordinator:                                                   $150.00

Luncheon Coordinator:                                               $150.00

Luncheon Costs:                                                          $10.00 per person

Food catered from Piggly Wiggly

Fellowship Hall holds about 80 people

Soloists & Instrumentalists                                         Varies

(by arrangement with Heidi Graf)                             

            Fees vary depending on number of songs  

            Bulletins                                                            $25.00 (for 100)

            (Bulletins, typing, layout,                                    $35.00 (for 150)

Printing, folding & collating)                                            $50.00 (for 200)        

Clergy                                                                            Suggested Honorarium of $175.00-$250.00



Contact Numbers


Pastor Jeffery S. Schubert      
262-367-8400, ext. 112
262-337-0969, cell


Pastor Seth Flick
262-367-8400, ext. 114


Heidi K. Graf, Minister of Music
262-367-8400, ext. 101
414-380-1886, cell


Renee Bielawa
Luncheon Coordinator
262-853-3198, cell

Gail Arnold, Administrative Assistant
262-367-8400, ext. 100

Stacy Bader, Altar Guild
262-367-8400, ext. 126
262-853-0260, cell

Bethany Irish, Funeral Coordinator
262-313-8910, cell