We at Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church want to thank you first and foremost! Thank you for your physical weekly support, your continued prayers for our ministry staff and teachers, and thank you for your monetary donations to the church each week or month. All of you are so important to our ministries here and everything you do helps us Know, Grow and Go into Hartland and our surrounding areas. 
While we may have to close the doors of the church for a while and will not be able to physically meet, our staff will be working diligently and remotely from their homes to keep our church and its ministries growing. We are also praying for each of you so stay healthy and join us online. 
That being said, there is a real impact on our budget when we don’t meet for worship. Because bills still have to be paid, we encourage everyone to continue or even step up their financial support to Divine Redeemer in the form of our online giving portal called PushPay (visit www.drlc.org or the DR app or text drlcgive to 779-77). It truly is a safe and easy way to give your donation to the church. If you are still not comfortable going electronic and giving online, please remember to mail in your contribution to the church office. Someone will be taking the mail in daily and handling the contributions.
Now more than ever our faith and comfort in God’s strength is essential. So thank you for partnering with us at Divine Redeemer and helping us weather this surreal but ever present issue. 
Pastor Jeff and Pastor Seth