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3-26-20 Three important messages from your Divine Redeemer Pastors

We want to thank all of you who have tuned in to our virtual church last Saturday night and Sunday. While there were a few technical glitches with the server housing our streaming platform (like 12,000 new churches signed up (including us) streaming worship services and 28,000 people new following Jesus that weren't following Him before.) So we want to thank you all who hung in there and figured out how to watch us whether it was going to YouTube and searching for Divine Redeemer Hartland, WI or through the new streaming platform. We had 637 viewing the contemporary service, and 359 viewing our traditional service. PRAISE GOD that so many wanted and needed to be in the Word and fellowship virtually.
    We also thank those who have mailed a check or gone online and created their account to give through PushPay. (click here to see how to ue PushPay) We know you have stepped outside your comfort zone to offer support to Divine Redeemer. A letter to the congregation will be mailed this week explaining the financial situation and asking for your help. We pray that you can step up and support God's Ministries through Divine Redeemer even more than ever. Remember that even though no one is in the building, we have bills to pay, a mortgage, and teachers and staff salaries (Teachers who are stepping outside of their comfort zone to offer quality online and virtual classes for our students daily beginning next week). Staff who are working from their home and abiding by the state mandates and social distancing requests and yet providing meaningful worship for all as well as the day to day work. So you are important to God's Ministry. You are the link that will keep His word flowing out to our community and our congregation.
We are continuing to steam virtually all services. There will not be an Easter Egg Hunt on April 5, Palm Sunday. There will also not be an Easter Breakfast or Easter Services in the building April 12. 
Normal Weekend Worship Streaming Schedule (starting Sat March 28):
5:00 PM - Contemporary (NEW)
6:00 PM - Traditional (NEW)
8:00 AM - Traditional
9:15 AM - Contemporary
10:30 AM - Traditional
Holy Week Schedule
Maundy Thursday - 6:30 PM
Good Friday - 1 PM, 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM
Easter Worship Schedule 
5:00 PM - Contemporary
6:00 PM - Traditional
8:00 AM - Traditional
9:15 AM - Contemporary
10:30 AM - Traditional
Church Online is a place for you to experience God and connect with others.
search for Divine Redeemer Hartland WI on YouTube
God's Richest Blessings to you and your family during this difficult time,
Pastor Jeff and Pastor Seth

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