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4-17-20 Announcement for Shout it From the Rooftops - A Parking Lot Thanksgiving and Praise Worship Service

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Shout it from the Rooftops Order of Service
Even though we may have struggles and difficulties currently, do we also have even more for which to be thankful to our God? Absolutely.  So we are going to gather together again in our parking lot to worship our Savior Jesus to give Him thanks for the gift of families (our home families and DR family) and praise Him for His grace. Weather permitting Pastor Jeff and Pastor Seth will lead a 30-minute service of Thanksgiving and Praise from THE SCHOOL ROOF complete with live hymns and praise songs, devotions and prayer.  
Here are the details -
What:  Worship of Jesus - Thankfulness and Praise for what we HAVE been given
Where: Pastors - School Roof
        Musicians and Singers - Music Room Covered Patio
        Congregation - Parked in the School Parking Lot
When:  Saturday, May 2 from 5-5:30 PM 
-Everyone must remember to please stay inside your vehicles
-Elders will be helping to direct congregants to parking spaces
-The building cannot be open for bathroom usage
-If you wish to bring your offering, you are welcome to place it inside the mailbox in the parking lot by the Church, a DR staff member will collect after everyone leaves
-The service will begin directly at 5:00 PM.

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