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5-4-20 Our School Family is Changing - Mike Stollenwerk is Leaving

Our School Family is Changing - Mike Stollenwerk is Leaving

As everyone knows, families grow and change in many different ways. Some of these changes bring excitement and others may bring sadness. This is the same for the Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church and School family. At this time, the DRLS faculty is undergoing a change that brings both of these feelings. Mr. Michael Stollenwerk, 7th Grade Homeroom teacher and Departmentalized Science teacher will NOT BE RETURNING to Divine Redeemer this fall for the 2020-2021 school year. The DR family is saddened by this news as Mr. Stollenwerk has brought a passion for science, a love for teaching middle school and for his students, a quick wit, and a sense of humor that has resulted in so many memorable faculty skits and activities, and most profoundly, an unwavering and bold love for the Lord.  He has taught everything from fifth grade, foreign language (Rosetta Stone), middle school, and Science during his ten years at Divine Redeemer. Though we are saddened by this significant loss, we are excited for him and his family on their new journey as he joins his wife (school principal) at the Lutheran Special School as a high school teacher.  We pray for success in continuing his Call to serve the Lord in this new position. Divine Redeemer is in the process of making arrangements for families to show their gratitude and thankfulness for his mission at Divine Redeemer.

Janet Bahr, 
Divine Redeemer Lutheran School

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