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5-7-20 Another Drive Up Communion Opportunity

That being said, we can continue the Lords Supper only if certain protocol are followed.

1)     If you're feeling ill, please cancel your time slot as early as possible. You can sign your family up to receive the Lord's Supper at the Sign Up Genius Link at the bottom of this email. 

2) Please wait in your vehicle outside the Sanctuary until you see the previous family leave. Use this time as a family opportunity to pray and confess. Then after you see the previous family drive away, we will disinfect the Lords Supper table and place your family's Lord's Supper on the table.  Only 1 vehicle at a time will pull up to the sidewalk by the Church Entrance.

2)     The Pastor will lead you in a brief rite of receiving the Lord's Supper and then consecrate the elements on the Altar/Table. For those of the family who know our communion practices and have received the Lord's Supper previously, you will take the host from the table when the Pastor says, "Take and Eat." Then you're invited to receive the wine from the table as the Pastor says, "Take and drink." You will receive a post-communion blessing. You will receive the Benediction and you're invited to pull forward and exit the parking area so that the next family can pull forward.

3)    When you return home, please use this as another opportunity to thank Jesus for this Sacrament of His Body and Blood given and shed in, with, and under the bread and wine for the forgiveness of our sin.

It’s a lot of protocol to remember, but this is the way that we can (at least for now) offer the Lord’s Supper for you through the body and blood of Jesus (while maintaining health for you through hand sanitizer and preventative practices).

You can reserve a spot for your family to commune via this sign up genius link - please provide your name as well as the number of how many will be communing with you in your vehicle:

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