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3-14-20 Worship Services are on but with modifications back button


Good afternoon Divine Redeemer families! IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT TOMORROW'S SERVICES: Services will continue as planned tomorrow 3/15/2020 at 8am, 915am, and 1030am. We will change a few pieces of liturgy to maintain a safer worship environment while still gathering together.
    1. This week we will be providing the 915am service streaming LIVE from Facebook within this group.
    2. Next week, you'll see the exciting start of our new online church:
      1. Services will continue to be streamed from the site above for the foreseeable future to expand Jesus' kingdom reach beyond our Facebook group. You can read the Bible lesson for the sermon, submit live prayer requests, chat, give offerings, cast the sermon to your TV for better viewing amongst a host of other options from within the new online church.
      2. You can also access the new online church through our app (its already there - I invite you to check it out!).
  • OFFERING: For those of you attending online or staying at home, I would like to encourage you to investigate giving online. Our site has a top rating for security as well as ease. This option allows you to continue your spiritual discipline of giving as you are away from your church family.
    1. Processional communion at 8 and 1030; elders with sanitized hands will hand out both the host and the wine.
    2. We will not be asking anyone attending to pass attendance booklets.
    3. We will alter our passing of the plates for offering collection at all services. 8am and 1030am Services - please bring your offerings with you when you come up for the Lord's Supper. 915 - please bring your offering to the entrance of the gym before or after service.
  • Finally - GOD bless you Divine Redeemer Family! Our God has called us to be bold in the way that we follow Jesus as we love our families and serve our neighbor! Despite the craziness that we see all around us (and sometimes within us) - He is still God almighty. May you find new and deep ways to serve each other with the love of Jesus in this season of uncertainty.