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Name & Position Contact Info
Jeff  Schubert
Senior Pastor - Executive Director
262-367-8400  Ext:112
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Mrs. Janet  Bahr
262-367-3664  Ext:212
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Seth  Flick
Associate Pastor
262-367-8400  Ext:114
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Mrs. Renee   Kandler
Chief Financial Officer
262-367-8400  Ext:118
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Ms. Gail   Arnold
Administrative Assistant
262-367-8400  Ext:100
Email Ms. Arnold
Ms. Heidi  K Graf
Director of Music
262-367-8400  Ext:101
Email Ms. Graf
Mrs. Ann Marie  Hahn
Director of Youth Ministry
262-367-8400  Ext:103
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Mrs. Karen  Lippert
Women's Ministry
262-367-8400  Ext:127
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Mrs. Ruth  Sternemann
Director of Communications
262-367-8400  Ext:120
Email Mrs. Sternemann
Mr. Jim   Suchocki
Director of Maintenance
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Mrs. Stacy  Bader
Director of Connections
262-367-8400 ext 126
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Mrs. Joanne  Webb
Early Childhood Education Principal
262-367-8400  Ext:317
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