Our Story, His Glory...Sermon Series

What's your story like?  I'm sure there are points of your story that are similar to anyone else.  I'm sure there are parts that are unique just to you.  Divine Redeemer's ministry story is one with saints and sinners, movement and, lets be honest, sometimes stagnation.  

Some elements of our story are like many other churches, but there are some elements to the story of Jesus' work at Divine Redeemer right now that seem incredibly unique.  Baptisms are occurring at high numbers. Worship attendance is increasing.  More and more families are engaging in regular Bible study groups. The Lord's Supper is being enjoyed to nourish Christ's saints regularly. Why is this?  Its because Jesus is radically generous with His grace and Presence among us - just as He's always been. He's been a part of this story for 50 years and He will remain the key focus for the remainder of DR's story.  Even though this may be our story, it is ALL for His glory! 

40 Day Devotional - Available at the Groundbreaking Event & copies are still available in the church office!


Weekly "Our Story" Videos



September 10:    Built on the Rock (Ministry Year Kick-Off Sunday)

September 17:    Built on Biblical Truth

September 24:   Built on Worship   

October 1:          Built on Mission   

October 8:          Built on Christian Education   

October 15:       Built on Service   (Serve Sunday) 

October 22:       Built on Stewardship   (Pledge Sunday)

October 29:       Built on Grace (Reformation Sunday)

Week 1 "Our Story" Built on the Rock

Week 2 "Our Story" Built on Biblical Truth