Awesome Marriage Sermon Series

February 5 - 19th, 2023

Awesome: adjective. Definition: inspiring awe, terrific, extraordinary.  That’s the dictionary definition of what it means to be awesome: extraordinary.  What would it mean if others around you looked at your marriage as an example of something extraordinary?  This is exactly the point that Paul makes in his letter to the Ephesians.  Our marriages are SUPPOSED to be more than ordinary! Why? Because the close and caring relationship that husbands and wives share is supposed to show the closeness and care of Jesus with His church.  How do we communicate with one another? How do we handle conflict between each other?  How do we talk about money together?  All should show our commitment to each other AND commitment to Jesus.  Join us in this series as we learn from Jesus and Paul what it means to have an extra ordinary or even better … an awesome marriage!  Not married?  That’s ok.  This series is still for you!  Biblical lessons on communication, conflict resolution and stewardship are all areas where we can be a little more awesome.   

Awesome Marriage Weekly Applications

Application #1
vow renewal recap