Christmas Outreach Events

Every other year, Divine Redeemer rotates our Christmas Outreach event between Breakfast with the King and the Outdoor Live Nativity Walkthrough.  See information about both of these amazing outreach events below. 

  • 2023 - Breakfast with the King*
  • 2024 - Outdoor Live Nativity
  • 2025 - Breakfast with the King
  • 2026 - Outdoor Live Nativity

*Attend Shepherd of the Hill's Outdoor Live Nativity on December 9th, 2023!!!

You can view the Outdoor Live Nativity at Shepherd of the Hills in Pewaukee in 2023 and 2025.




Last Saturday, God brought glory to His Son Jesus as 189 people enjoyed Breakfast with our King in DR's gymnasium, AKA "Bethlehem". He prompted a team of more than 100 volunteers to contribute their time, talents, and treasures in their own unique ways. Whether in advertising, reservations, the kitchen, serving tables, acting, hauling equipment, decorating, praying, setting up, taking down, or anything behind the scenes - every volunteer was needed and is deeply appreciated. Everything was done so our guests would hear and see the TRUE STORY of Jesus' birth, His life, death, and resurrection. To GOD BE THE GLORY!

Watch the Recap Video (photos with music to it): HERE

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED and VOLUNTEERED to make this event possible:

Abbs, Ward
Anacker, Lori
Anderson, Ann
Anderson, Jim
Bader, Shannon
Baker, Brad
Baker, Mary
Batterman, Angela
Batterman, Chris
Batterman, Joseph
Black, Kierstyn
Boehm, Carrie
Boehm, Landen
Boehm, Nolan
Bott, Brody
Braun, Ginny
Bronner, Aaron
Bronner, Amy
Bronner, Mark
Brueser, Reid
Chandler, Rob
Cutler, Albert
Cutler, Brooks
Cutler, Quinton
Cutler, Stephanie
Debroux, Catherine
Gall, Dan
Gerndt, Donna
Gourley, Scott
Grill, Becky
Grill, Dave
Grill, Grace
Haerle, Jerry
Haerle, Juliette
Haerle, Kristine
Hahn, Ann Marie
Hansen, Ann
Hansen, Jenny
Henry, Heather
Horn, Ed
Horn, Patricia
Howard, Chuck
Huth, Holly
Jablonski, Justin
Jablonski, Maggie
Jablonski, Teri
Janssen, Noah
Janssen, Rebekah
Jashinsky, Trina
Jest, Annina
Johns, Kim
Johns, Rick
Johnson, Karen
Kane, Alexa
Kane, Charlotte
Kane, Elizabeth
Klug, Pat
Kolbow, Becky
Lange, David
LCL Football Team
Lesniak, Bruce
LeTourneau, Landen
LeTourneau, Maelynn
LeTourneau, Rena
Knutson, Chad
Librizzi Knutson, Marie
Knutson, Nick
Knutson, Norah
Knutson, Sydney
Lippert, Jeff
Lippert, Karen
Luebke, Charles
Luetke, Lisa
Marshall, Katherine
Melzer, Jean
Mengel, George
Mengel, Jackie
Meredith, Chris
Meredith, Katie
Mikulec, Bob
Molnau, Karli
Nehls, Joshu
Nehls, Julie
Nehls, Steve
Neuberger, Erica
Niedziela, Nancy
Ott, Janan
Pagenkopf, Sandy
Peck, Dale
Peck, Tricia
Peppel, Julie
Portale, Andy
Portale, Bella
Portale, Grace
Rades, Matt
Rades, Megan
Reardon, Sarah
Reardon, Steve
Reichl, Daniel
Reichl, Debbie
Reynolds, Randi
Ricker, Colton
Roberts, Ann
Rose, Ruth
Scheck, Jackie
Schuman, Lee
Schuman, Shirley
Sitzman, Bob
Sitzman, Jason
Steffen, Nicole
Steffen, Tim
Taylor, Laura
Thomas, Erin
Thomas, Melissa
Timmerman, Eve
Tinus, Edwin
Tinus, Hugh
Tinus, Jason
Tinus, Krysta
Tinus, Maisie
Ulm, Christina
Ulm, Jacob
Ulm, Olivia
Vetta, Anthony
Walsh, Cameron
Walsh, Jerred
Walsh, Sarah
Walters, Ava
Wichert, Bella
Wilkins, Laura
Williams, Ken
Williams, Terry
Wolfe, Pastor Adam
Young, James
Young, Sue
Plus anyone else we accidentally missed!!!!

DECEMBER 2, 2023

BREAKFAST WITH THE KING is an interactive experience with the market of Bethlehem, Mary & Joseph, shepherds, wise men, baby Jesus and more. You won’t want to miss it! Here’s your chance to bring your friend or neighbor!

Breakfast begins promptly at 9 AM with a short program immediately following breakfast.
Doors open at 8:30 AM 
Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church — gym 
(31385 W. Hill Rd (HWY 83) Hartland)

Date: Saturday, December 2, 202

See images from previous Breakfast with the King events:

Coming back December 2024 (Bi-annual event)

We will host the Outdoor Live Nativity Walkthrough on December 10th from 5:00 - 6:30pm.  Head to the gym for cocoa, music, cookies & craft after the walk and up until 7:00pm.

This event will have elements that were loved in 2020 like the luminary walk, live actors and animals, and Luke 2 storyboards. We are also excited for a few new additions:

  • Longer Nativity Walk with new stations
  • No tickets required to attend
  • Fellowship time with Cocoa, Cookies & Christmas music in the gymnasium following the walk

If you want to be a part of this amazing event that brings joy and JESUS to our community, you can read the signup genius for donations needed and volunteer/actor roles. This event takes a LOT to put on and we are excited to do it again in 2022.  Note: Shepherd of the Hills in Pewaukee will be doing the same Live Nativity at their location in 2023 so if you volunteer this year, you can walk through next year at their location.  


live nativity

Outdoor Live Nativity Walkthrough is a lighted luminary walk-through event that highlights the gospel message in Luke chapter 2 with actors and signboards. From singing angels to angry Roman guards to real sheep and a petting station to the holy scene at the manager, and more - participants will get the real story and meaning of Christmas through this family-friendly event. 

Arrive anytime between 5:00 - 6:15 to walk through the outdoor portion. Head inside after your walk to our gymnasium for Christmas music, Cocoa & Cookies. This event is FREE to attend. We are accepting food pantry items and monetary donations to benefit the Hartland Food Pantry directly.

Dress warmly for any weather!  This is the perfect event to bring a friend - all are welcome! 

Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church
(31385 W. Hill Rd (HWY 83) Hartland)
Please follow the parking lot attendants directly to park safely.

Saturday, December 10th, 2022 5-6:30 PM