Be sure to select "Giving Tuesdays" for the fund drop-down.

It's that time of year again! What time might you ask? It's time for…Giving Tuesdays! As you may know, Divine Redeemer began a three-year campaign plan for Giving Tuesdays back in 2020 to address various pressing needs of the campus that affected our ongoing ministries of the church and school. As a result of your prayerful partnership and generosity, we were able to address many campus needs ahead of schedule! We are excited to announce that the fundraising for the three-year plan was completed in just two years! Praise God for His provision working through His people!


How to Ensure Your Donation Goes to the Giving Funding 2022 Fund:

  • Mail or bring a check to the church office made out to DRLC with the memo, "Giving Tuesdays".
  • Go here to give through our secure Push Pay Portal. Select the "Giving Tuesday Fund".
  • On the DRLC app, click GIVE on the bottom menu. Select the "Giving Tuesday Fund".
  • Text DRLCGIVE to 833 697-4388. Select the "Giving Tuesday Fund".

Here is some of what we completed in 2020 and 2021: 

  • Replaced two rooftop HVAC units  
  • Repaired our fire alarm system to be fully functioning and reliable 
  • Painted the Narthex and Fellowship Hall  
  • Resurfaced the blacktop parking lot   
  • Replaced the Early Childhood playground surface
  • Replaced the flooring in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th-grade hallways 
  • Purchased and Installed a Stove/Oven & Steam Table in the cafeteria
  • Fixed one HVAC in the Gymnasium 

We have raised the funds and are in the process of completing the following projects:  

  • Updating the Men’s Bathroom  
  • Church Sanctuary and Sacristy Enhancements 

*NEW* 2022 Giving Tuesdays Goal - $20,000 For Our Community!  
As you can see God has provided through the generosity of our members, and we were able to complete everything in our 3-year plan in two years. While there are certainly ongoing campus needs at our church and school (with one of those being the need for more space) we as a staff realized that we have been extremely blessed and there is a larger need in our community right now.

Our plan for our 2022 Giving Tuesdays campaign is that 100% of the funds from Giving Tuesdays will go to the three families displaced by the recent Hartland fire and the one family of the deceased children. Our goal is to not only provide these four families each directly (not through a go-fund-me or online giving platform) but, if they are willing, to be able to meet them in person to pray and offer other spiritual support showing them Christ’s love. We also plan to support these families through our Thanksgiving Food Drive and our Christmas Blessings program. 

We would ask that you would prayerfully consider giving any amount to help bless these families at a time when they are suffering and need to feel the love and presence of Jesus. Your gift, given through our online platform, Push Pay, or directly to the church via a check with the memo, "Giving Tuesdays" is tax-deductible and again will go 100% to the families. We also ask you to lift these families, the first responders, and the community up in prayer as we grieve this terrible tragedy.  May God's love be felt here in Hartland to comfort all who mourn and struggle.

We are the CHURCH and this is OUR community! We thank you for being Christ’s hands and feet to those in need and for considering supporting these families.

God’s peace,   

Pastor Seth and Pastor Adam