Notes before I go...Sermon Series

February 26 - April 9, 2023

This Lenten season we at DR will be focusing on the last words that our Divine Redeemer, Jesus, spoke to His disciples. Before Jesus was led to the cross, He taught His disciples important things that He wanted them to know and remember. These words are recorded in chapters 13-17 of John’s Gospel. When someone nears death, their conversation becomes quite pointed about crucial topics. Jesus spoke these words which are now written down as “notes” before He was to go to the cross.


Not only will we be studying John’s Gospel this Lent on Sundays and during midweek services, but we also have the chance to be immersed in John’s Gospel each day with our very own 40-day Lenten devotional! We pray that this Lenten season causes all of us to reflect, ponder, and ultimately rejoice in the great work of salvation that was accomplished for us on the cross!