Rooted Sermon Series

September 11 - November 20, 2022

A plant can only be as healthy and as strong as its root system. A tree that has a strong root system can weather storms, disease, and changes while still growing with each passing challenge. The same is the case for us as followers of Jesus. Our lives can only be as fruitful and healthy as our root system. What is our root system? It is being connected to God’s Word in His Son Jesus. By being connected to God’s Word we have a foundation for our lives that is rooted in God’s plan for us as His people. God’s story of salvation includes every one of us! This is why we at Divine Redeemer are journeying together to be “Rooted” as we connect with God, His Church, and our purpose in God’s story. As we remain rooted we stay connected to the source of love and grace which we cannot help but share with others!