Wedding Information

Divine Redeemer is a popular site for weddings due to the buildings quaint and traditional style appearance. We get a variety of requests for weddings from member families as well as those unrelated to the congregation. Our policy is that member families get first preference but that nonmembers may be married here if the schedule permits.

The Wedding Ceremony is the spiritual union of a man and a woman who vow, before God, their friends and family, to faithfully love and cherish one another. The wedding is a worship experience in which the couple seals a covenant modeled after the covenant between Christ and His church. Every wedding shall respect scriptural principles, the customs and policies of Divine Redeemer's congregation and the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. While wedding ceremonies performed by clergy are legally binding, the primary role of the clergy is to conduct sacred worship in which a couple is joined in the eyes of God.

Below are a few guidelines to following when using Divine Redeemer as your wedding ceremony venue.

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Scheduling the Wedding

  1. Those wanting to be married at Divine Redeemer are expected to contact the church about dates before plans are made with the reception hall, caterers, etc.  It would be best to contact the church as soon as possible following the decision to marry.
  2. Members of Divine Redeemer may assume they can be married at the church, but their marriage here is subject to the approval of the pastor(s).   Marriage in the church is not a right, but a privilege.
  3. Non-member weddings will not be performed at Divine Redeemer unless approved by the Committee of Lay Eldership.
  4.  Weddings will be added to the church calendar upon consultation with one of the pastors.
  5. After meeting with one of our pastors, fill out the "Wedding Information Form" located on the right side of this page.
  6. Weddings will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Weddings on the same day must be 5 hours apart.
  7. Couples planning to be married at Divine Redeemer have the freedom to choose the pastor they wish to conduct their wedding.  If there is not a specific request, the assignment will be made by the Senior Pastor in consultation with the pastoral staff.
  8.  Clergy of other Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod churches may participate in weddings at Divine Redeemer with the approval of the pastor(s).
  9. As a general rule, our church facilities will not be available for weddings not conducted by our pastors. 
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Wedding Information Form

(fill this out after completing the first 4 steps of "Scheduling a Wedding")

Pre-Marriage Counseling

  1. Couples being married at Divine Redeemer will be expected to participate in pre-marriage counseling with the pastor.  Refusal to participate in pre-marriage counseling provides reason for refusal of the wedding, unless there are mitigating circumstances.
  2. While our pastors seek to accommodate others, it is important for couples to adjust their schedules, so pre-marriage counseling appointments will match the pastor’s availability. We look upon pre-marriage counseling appointments as important as appointments with doctors, so it may be necessary for couples to take time from work or school for these appointments. 

Wedding Music

  1. All music for any wedding service is to be approved by the Director of Music.  Music which is consistent with a Christian view of marriage may be used. If in the opinion of the pastor, the music requested for the service does not meet the church’s standards, alternative selections are to be made.
  2. The Director of Music from Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church, Heidi Graf, shall be the organist for all weddings unless she is unavailable or if there is a significant reason why any other organist should play.  Approval by Heidi Graf is necessary before a guest Director of Music may be used.
  3. It will be the responsibility of the bride and groom to contact our Director of Music, Heidi Graf, at church at 262-367-8400 , ext. 101 or on her cell at 414-380-1886 to establish a meeting time with her to discuss music for the service.


Photographs:  The taking of photographs by wedding guests or family members is not permitted during the wedding.  If a professional photographer is hired, pictures may be taken prior to or following the service and the professional may take a few pictures, without a flash from the balcony or side aisles.  Photographers are expected to speak with the pastor prior to the service.

Alcohol:  The use of alcohol on church property by the wedding party prior to the ceremony or following the ceremony is prohibited.  The same is true for family members or guests. 

Smoking: is prohibited in the facility.

Decorations:  Requests for special wedding decorations are to be discussed with the Altar Guild before plans for such decorations begin.  If the church is decorated for a special season or special day of the church year, the wedding will normally be conducted with those decorations in place.  The only exceptions will be those situations in which the removing and returning of the decorations can be handled with simplicity and ease.  Those planning weddings at Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter are advised that the church may be decorated.  Details about candles, ribbons and aisle runners may be discussed with the Altar Guild.

Aisle Runner:  Aisle runners are provided by the florist.  Divine Redeemer’s aisle is 60 feet long; therefore, couples will need at least a 75-foot aisle runner.

Bulletins:  Couples desiring to use Wedding Bulletins can have the bulletins prepared by the church staff or the couple may handle the material and printing themselves.  Gail Arnold, the Administrative Assistant, will assist the couple with the type of bulletin, layout, printing, folding and assembling if requested.

Aisle Candles:  Aisle candles are available and handled by the Altar Guild.   If you would like the aisle candles set-up for your wedding, please call Stacy Bader at 262-853-0260.   She will discuss your options and the cost with you.

Rice or Confetti:  Rice or confetti are not to be used.  Birdseed or bubbles are allowed outside only.  If birdseed or bubbles are to be distributed to the guests, this should be done outside following the service.

Deliveries: of such things as flowers, decorations, etc., should be scheduled with Gail Arnold prior to the wedding.

Dressing space: for the wedding party is available at the church.  The women normally use the school classroom across the hall from the Good Book store.  The men may use the pre-school classrooms downstairs. 

Wedding Gown Storage:  We do not encourage overnight wedding gown storage at the church as we cannot guarantee safe storage.

Wedding Information Form:  Please fill out the wedding information form to the best of your ability and return it to Gail Arnold as soon as possible.  You may always call her to update the form as details finalize. 

Wedding Coordinator

  1. Rehearsal:  The wedding coordinator arrives and opens the church before the rehearsal, remains through it and locks up when it is over.  Total time spent at the rehearsal is 2-3 hours.
  2. Wedding:  The wedding coordinator opens the building two to three hours before the wedding.  The wedding coordinator prepares the sanctuary with the wedding kneelers, fastens aisle runner, assists florists, lights candles, operates the sound system, cleans up the Sanctuary, dressing areas, entrances, restrooms, takes down candles and does what is necessary.  Total time is 4-6 hours.  Remember, the wedding coordinator has to be at the church until the pictures are taken and the wedding party leaves the building and then they lock up. 

Fees and Charges

Clergy Fee
  $200.00 - $250.00
Organist Fee

$160.00 (Base Fee)
$50.00 (Wedding Rehearsal Fee)
$50.00 (Rehearsals with soloists and/or other 

Soloist & Instrumentalist

(By arrangement with Heidi Graf)

Fees vary depending on number of songs it is however $50.00 for rehearsals with soloists and/or other musicians.
Wedding Coordinator (Mandatory)
Non-Member Facility Fee
Aisle Candles


(Bulletins, typing, layout, printing & folding)

$25.00 (for 100 - 8.5 x 11- half fold)
$35.00 (for 150 - 8.5 x 11- half fold)
$50.00 (for 200 - 8.5 x 11- half fold)


Pastor Seth Flick
Associate Pastor
262-367-8400, ext. 114

Pastor Adam Wolfe
Associate Pastor
262-367-8400, ext. 114

Heidi K. Graf
Minister of Music
262-367-8400, ext. 101
414-380-1886, cell
Gail Arnold
Director of Church Administration
262-367-8400, ext. 100
Stacy Bader
Altar Guild
262-367-8400, ext. 126
262-853-0260, cell
Wedding Coordinator
262-313-8910, cell