Divine Redeemer has several ways that we communicate information. 

  • Weekly Emails
  • Announcement Screens
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Verbal Announcements
  • DR Events Website Landing Page


Weekly Emails

Mondays: Women's Ministry (Stephanie Cutler)
Tuesdays: SERVE: BE the Church(Stacy Bader) 

Thursdays: Spread the Word - What's Happening at DR (Stephanie Cutler)


Announcement Screens

We also have announcement screens in the Narthex, cafeteria, and on the projection screens prior to worship that will display important weekly announcements on Sunday mornings. You can always catch the Livestream replay to view the announcement portion.


Facebook Group

We run a PRIVATE Facebook group called, "Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church - Hartland, WI". You can join it here. Note that this is a private group which means only members of this group can view the information and people within the group. 


Facebook Pages

We have outward-facing public Facebook Pages for our Church and School.



Yes, we have an Instagram page and we are excited to post in it more! There is also a separate High School Instagram account to follow.


Verbal Announcements

Our Pastors make 2-5 verbal announcements during the services each weekend.



We keep our website up to date with information for our guests and members. You can go to DRLC.ORG/EVENTS for What's Happening at DR."


Other Communication Methods

  • Direct mailings (be sure to keep your address up to date through CCB here)
  • Electronic Sign
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Handouts
  • Bulletin Boards
  • More


Contact Stephanie Cutler if you wish to publicize an event or information by way of the above methods.