Temple Teachings ...Sermon Series Feb 14- March 20, 2024 (Lent)

During Lent this year at Divine Redeemer, we'll be focusing our attention on the last lessons Christ gave during the early days of Holy Week.  After Jesus cleansed the temple, He spent the next few days teaching in and near the temple. Jesus taught through parables, answered questions, and confronted the hypocrisy of the religious leaders.  As Jesus was preparing to go to the cross, He shared important truths with the crowds that surrounded Him. We will be studying these “Temple Teachings” this Lenten season as these truths are just as applicable to us today as they were in the first century!  As these are some of Jesus’ last teachings recorded for us in Scripture, it will serve us well to study and learn from them! May His Temple Teachings bless each of us as we journey through Lent to the cross.

February 14 (Ash Wednesday): Cleansing the Temple SERMON LINK HERE

  • Matthew 21:12-17 

February 18 (Lent 1):  Parable of the Fig Tree SERMON LINK HERE

  • Matthew 21:18-22; 24:32-35 

February 21 (Midweek): Parable of the Two Sons

February 25 (Lent 1): Parable of the Tenants SERMON LINK HERE

  • Matthew 21:33-46

February 28 (Midweek 2): Parable of the Wedding Feast

March 3 (Lent 3):  Paying Taxes to Caesar

March 6 (Midweek 3): Marriage at the Resurrection

March 10 (Lent 4):  Great Commandment SERMON LINK HERE

  • Matthew 22:34-40 

March 13 (Midweek 4):  Who’s Son is the Christ SERMON LINK HERE

  • Matthew 22:41-46 

March 17 (Lent 5):  Seven Woes  SERMON LINK HERE

  • Matthew 23:1-36  

March 20 (Midweek 5):  Lament Over Jerusalem  SERMON LINK HERE

  • Matthew 23:37-39